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19-05-2008, 10:04 PM
Mọi người thử lm ci bi test nay nh, thời gian l 20 pht, cần đp n hỏi tớ sau by h mỏi tay qu rồi.Điểm 6 hoặc 5 lm chuẩn :D

I_ Circle the best answer A, B, C or D (1p)
1. You can renew a book ..... another reader has requested it.
A.Unless B.if C.even if D.in case
2. Tom lives somewhere in that area ..... the hospital, the university and the by-pass
A.among B.at C.between D.in
3. We found it difficult to get through the ....... door without a key.
A.closing B.cloze C.closed D.being closed
4. He said he would come to the meeting....... he might me a little late.
A.to lose B.to be lost C.has lost D.losing
5. The manager expected the team....because they hadnt done enough training.
A.on B.in C.of D.until
6. Your program is probably the best ..... the long run.
A.on B.in C.of D.until
7. The six year old boy is one of the few people who..... surviveda trip over the Niagra falls.
A.have B.is C..has D.are
8. Excuse me, Id like a ..... of jam, please?
A.bottle B.jar C.tin D.box

II. Complete the passage by writing the correct forms of the verbs in bracketd in the space provided.(2p)
The desire (1.use)... language as a sign of national identity is a very natural one and as a result, language (2.play)... a large part in national movements. Men (3.feel)... the need to use their own language (4.show)... that they are different from others. This (5.be)... true when the United States spilt off from Britain. At that time, some patriots even (6.suggest)... that Americans should adopt Greek. In the end , as everyone knows, the two contries adopted the pratical solution of carrying on with the same language they (7.use) ...before. For over 200 years Britain and the United States (8.show)... the world that political independence and national identity can be complete without losing all the mutual advantages of a common language.

III. Using the correct forms of the words given.(2p)
1. A lot of countries now are making attempts to increase ....(standard) in computer industry.
2. Young peoples enegy should be directed towards more...(purpose) activities.
3. Some of the more time .....(consume) jobs can now be done by machine.
4. All the stalls here offer a wide choice of......(merchant)
5. In answer to your recent ...(inquire), the book you mentioned is not in stock.
6. Johny Halliday and Michael Jackson are ........(nation) famous pop stars.
7. My father in law used to be very powerful and.........(influence) politician.
8. Please, keep ........(smile) whatever happens.

IV. Choose a suitable word.(2p)
Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are (1)..... for reading and partly for looking at. Most magazines contain ads (2).......are designed to make us want the products. A pretty face, delicious food or beautiful scenery all give us pleasant feelings. The advertisers hope we will associate their products...(3) these good feelings and buy their products.
advertisers want us to....(4) that their products is important for a good life. Some advertisements even present viewpoints on timely subjects. (5).........newspapers editorials, such ads try to influence the readersopinions.
As a reader, you can be sure that an advertisement contain Advertisements message. The message, (7)..., may be Advertisements hidden one. When you read an Advertisement, you shoule ask (8)..... What is the hidden message?

V. Rewrite.(1p)
1. She cant draw faces though she tries very hard.
2. His subscription to that magazine is for 2 years.
He has...
3. Id like to see some good films but I cans think of any at the moment.
At the moment I cant...
4. She had no difficulty in understanding their conversation.
She found...

VI. Write the letter using all of these prompts.(2p)
Dear John,
1. sorry / hear / car / give / trouble / again.
2. mean / not able / go / camp / july?
3. I / tell / when / buy it / mistake / buy/ so cheap.
4. After / pay / garage bills /etc./ cheaper / cars / more expensive
5. My news / I / change /j ob / now work / local newspaper
6. I / get / tired / old job / and / pay / not very good
7. I / in charge / car / advertisements section / newspaper
8. I / try / find / better car / you?