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24-01-2008, 11:48 PM
Brussels-NATO & Russia have agreed on the mechanism for a new join council in which Moscow will sit as an equal partner with NATO's members, and alliance official said.

"they have concluded on the mechanics, the format of the thing. Essentially that has been sorted out" said the official on Tuesday after the latest in a series of meetings.

The plan for the new body grew out of Russian President V.Putin's decision to align his country unambiguous with the international alliance against terrorism after the Sep 11 attacks on the US.

Moscow had long complained that it had no real voice in the existing forum for consultations between Russia & NATO, the five-year-old Permanent Joint Council because the allies co-ordinated their position on decisions beforehand.

NATO has insisted on this guarantee of "retrievability" in the months of negotiations with Russia.

25-01-2008, 03:10 AM

Đoạn tin trên đă bị cắt xén và sửa đổi, cho nên :

1. Chữ "unambiguous", making no sense trong văn cảnh này, không hề hiện diện trong bản tin gốc.

2. Nếu chỉ căn cứ vào bản tin trên th́ không thể biết "retrievability" nghĩa là ǵ, v́ bản tin trên đă cắt mất đoạn có nghĩa là "Nếu NATO không thỏa thận được với Russia .... (th́ sẽ QUAY TRỞ LẠI một NATO cũ gồm 19 nước).

Phải xem bản gốc :

NATO agreed on Thursday to hold a special summit with Russia in Rome next month to launch a joint council for closer cooperation between the former Cold War foes, an alliance official said.

The official, who asked not to be named, said the summit on May 28, when U.S. President George W. Bush will be in Europe, was conditional on foreign ministers of the 19 NATO countries and Russia agreeing on details of the new forum at a May 14-15 meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland.

"This morning NATO agreed it should hold a summit," he said.

The plan for the new body, in which Russia will be an equal partner in decision-making on a limited range of security issues, grew out of President Vladimir Putin's decision to align his country with the international coalition against terrorism after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

Moscow had long complained that it had no real voice in the existing forum for consultations between Russia and NATO, the five-year-old Permanent Joint Council, because the allies coordinated their position on decisions beforehand.

Diplomats say the new forum will be a boost for Putin who needs to show sceptics in his government and armed forces -- many of whom are anxious about the prospect of NATO's imminent enlargement to Russia's frontiers -- that he is getting something in return for his pro-Western policies.

NATO Secretary-General George Robertson told Reuters in an interview this week that the new NATO Russia Council could cooperate on the fight against terrorism and the prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Diplomats said there were in all about 15 security issues on the agenda for the council, including crisis management, civilian crisis preparedness and search-and-rescue at sea.

"But the understanding is that it will be a rolling list," one said. "If it goes well, we could add further topics."

The two sides have been negotiating on the forum since January, with Russia pressing for a more robust relationship than many in NATO wanted to see -- and one that many feared could undermine the sovereignty of the defence alliance.

In February, NATO rejected a Russian proposal under which the 20 would sit as nations in their own right rather than a NATO bloc plus one, but diplomats said Moscow was still holding out for a "national capacities" clause in the final agreement.

Other details to be ironed out before the Reykjavik meeting include the explicitness of the council's agenda -- with NATO seeking a simple headline approach -- and a "sunset clause" for the demise of the Permanent Joint Council.

Russia had wanted to keep the old council alive to underline the distinctness and importance of the new one.

But Robertson said the PJC would become obsolete. "The very strong NATO view is that we are turning a new page and starting afresh with a council that will be unprecedented in its configuration and its method of working," he said.

Diplomats said one sticking point, a clause allowing either side to take back a security issue from the new council if there is no agreement, had now been settled.

NATO had insisted on this "retrievability" to avoid any possible Russian veto over its own action.

"It's almost a done deal, there are just loose ends to tie up before Reykjavik," said one. "The treaty will probably be initialled there and signed in Rome."

25-01-2008, 10:20 PM
sao hay vậy? nói thực ḿnh đă cắt xén bớt bản Tiếng Anh. đó là bài tập dịch của ḿnh ở lớp nhưng do khó quá nên nhờ mọi người giúp. bạn nói cho ḿnh nghe lấy từ nguồn nào vậy? cám ơn trước! à mà cũng dịch luôn cái đoạn ḿnh nhờ đi chứ, dù sao bạn cũng biết nội dung bài đó là ǵ rồi mà! :thumbs-up-nomi: